BISE Malakand
User Registeration
ضروری ہدایات کیلئے کلک کریں۔

Example: Principal, Head Master, Clerk, Junior Clerk
Example: [email protected]
Minimum 6 characters, special, digits
Example: 12345-6789101-1
Example: 03451234567
Office Phone
Select Matric Level School
Select Inter Level School
Important Instructions:
  1. Only school authorized users are allowed to register
  2. Fill the form and click on "Register" button
  3. After submission of the form system will generate registration proforma
  4. Click on the "Download/Print" to print the proforma
  5. Email the generated proforma with signed/stamp of the head of institution to [email protected]
  6. The user account will be activated after confirming the information in the proforma

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